Peace of Christ be with You, and with Your Spirit

The Daugthers of Mary for Life Welcome You

Hello and Welcome to:
The Daughters of Mary for Life
in partnership with
Santa Rosa 40 Days for Life!

Santa Rosa Women's Specialty Clinic Closed:

     ***October, 2011***

Triumph of Human Life!

An Incredible Gift of God, and Fruit of The Santa  Rosa 40 Days for Life!

"I want to express my deepest appreciation for all those social and pastoral initiatives aimed at combating the cultural mechanisms which lead to abortion, and who are openly concerned with defending life."

(Words of Pope Benedict XVI: May 14th, 2010)

Our 7th community campaign to bring an end to abortion in our Santa Rosa home is about to begin! You are eagerly invited to join us and advocate for the unborn child.

From February 22nd – April 1st, 2012, our Santa Rosa community will be one of over 291 cities from across the United States and World, joining together for continuing the most dynamic pro-life mobilization in history.